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Cherry Hand Pies – Cherry Turnovers

The title of this post, Cherry Hand Pies – Cherry Turnovers needs just a little explanation. Hand Pies are popular in North America. They can be made with a variety of pastries types. They are usually square or round, depending on preference. Turnover are similar and are very popular in the UK. They usually made […]

Stove top/Savoury

Rich Shepherd’s Pie

This Rich Shepherd’s Pie is such a hearty meal. Shepherd’s Pie originates in the UK, though there is a French dish which is very similar. In the past the dish would have been made with lamb leftover from a sunday roast. But these days it is very common to use uncooked minced lamb. Although I […]

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Sultana Oat Cookie Pie

Sultana Oat Cookie PIe is a giant cookie. The simplicity, as well as the flavour and texture, is what makes this such a great recipe. Simple mix the ingredients together and put them into a cake pan, or a pie dish, and bake it. Then you have one giant cookie that you can divide into […]


Enriched Bread – Tangzhong Method

Enriched Bread – Tangzhong Method is such a great recipe.  It takes a long time to make, but most of that is waiting time.  However there is a lot of kneading too.  That means that a stand mixer is the best option for making the bread. The dough, as you might guess from the title […]

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Honey Ginger Cake – with Stem Ginger

This is a lovely recipe for a Honey Ginger Cake – with Stem Ginger. So it has lots of honey in the cake batter. The ginger flavour is from two sources, ground ginger and grated stem ginger. The combination of honey and ginger works so well together. The recipe is one I found on Baking […]


Pecan Muffins – Quick & Easy

This simple recipe, Pecan Muffins – Quick & Easy is exactly those things. It is both quick and easy. As with most, if not all, muffin recipes the dry ingredients are mixed and then the wet ingredients are added. It’s really just as simple as that. I had intended to post a different recipe, but […]