No Churn Limoncello Ice Cream

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When I recently, made some no churn mint and chocolate ice cream I mentioned that I had some ideas for other flavours.  So this recipe, for No Churn Limoncello Ice Cream is one of those flavours.

Using limoncello, which is a an Italian lemon flavoured liqueur, is a great way to make the ice cream since the alcohol works to stop the ice cream from freezing so hard that it is difficult to scoop.  Of course, for those who prefer not to use alcohol lemon juice or lemon extract will work well too.  The only difference being that the ice cream will need to be left out of the freezer for 20 minutes or so before scooping.

The process for making the ice cream is very simple indeed and the recipe only has a few ingredients.  For the basic ice cream it is just 3 ingredients, cream, condensed milk and limoncello.  As an addition I also used a fourth ingredient, lemon curd, which I swirled through the whipped mixture to give an extra hit of lemon flavour.

No Churn Limoncello Ice Cream

The effort involved is very little, particularly if using an electric whisk.  Then the ice cream needs to be placed in a freezer to set, which will take at least 4 hours.  After 4 hours it will certainly be set enough to eat but leaving longer will firm it up to a better consistency.

The resultant ice cream is wonderfully creamy and has sublime flavour.  I shared mine with my niece, Hannah, who later messaged me to say it was ‘amazing’.

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No Churn Limoncello Ice Cream – Video

No Churn Limoncello Ice Cream

Recipe by geoffcoo


  • 600ml(2 1/2 cups) double cream, or heavy cream

  • 1 397g (14 oz) can of condensed milk

  • 60ml(1/4 cup) limoncello (or use lemon juice to taste, or lemon extract)

  • 6 heaped teaspoons of lemon curd(optional)


  • In a large bowl place the cream and whisk it until it achieves stiff peaks.
  • In another bowl whisk the condensed milk.
  • Add the limoncello and whisk again to combine.
  • Pour the condensed milk mixture into the cream and whisk until fully combined.
  • Spoon  4 to 6 heaped teaspoon of lemon curd(if desired) onto the mixture and gently swirl through.
  • Pour the mixture into a plastic container that has a lid.
  • Cover with the lid and place in the freezer for at least 4 hours, until frozen enough to scoop into servings.


  1. me again Geoff… I’m sorry you can’t see colours.. it’s a lively sort of bright turquoise. I have a shirt the same’s a great summer colour.
    The old black background with light lettering was tough to print from … I had to take it .. re-colour it..etc… this will be great.

    • HI Veronica. With the new site you can click on the photo just above where the recipe starts, which will format and print just the recipe for you. That photo has a little ‘print’ icon in the bottom left.

  2. oh, hey Geoff …I’m back to say…I like the new look of your blog. Of course, turquoise is one of my favourite colours… so no wonder…

    • HI Veronica. Thanks for telling my the colour. I am colour blind, red/green and not good on other colours. I migrated the blog to the new version so that people can print the recipes if they wish. So the last 10 or so and all new recipes will be printable.
      People can also click to post to their Pinterest boards, if they wish.

  3. sounds yummy…. guess I’ll have to get some Limoncello … never have that one around.
    Just made another of your “now famous” ..(around here anyway) Focaccia. I use different ingredients all the time as I don’t always have the same things around. This time I put some sautéed onions and bits of sun dried tomatoes in the dough as well as on the top.. some black olives and some cheddar and some mozzarella…. it was just like a pizza!

    • HI Veronica. I am sure you will enjoy this ice cream if you do make it. I have another ice cream coming soon, with Amaretto for an almond flavour, which tastes fantastic. I am glad you are enjoying the focaccia, it is very versatile in what can be added.

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