No Churn Amaretto, Caramel & Cherry Ice Cream

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I have recently made a couple of flavours of no churn ice cream which were very good indeed. But my favourite version is this one using amaretto, which is an almond liqueur.

The almond flavour works so well in ice cream and the alcochol in the amaretto is just enough to keep the ice cream nicely scoopable even after being in the freezer for a while.

To complement the almond flavour, which could be achieved just by the use of almond extract if desired, I added some chopped glacé cherries (candied cherries) which gives a nice texture contrast as well as the lovely flavour.

For even more flavour I used a can of caramel, instead of my usual condensed milk. Really the caramel is just condensed milk that has been heated until it turns into caramel. This can be done at home too, simply by placing a can of condensed milk into a pot of water and simmering it for at least two hours. Dulce de leche would work just as well. Of course, just using condensed milk straight out of a can will work very well too.

The recipe is very simple and takes very little time to make. But you do then have to put the ice cream into the freezer for at least four hours to allow it to set. I used some small pots to make individual servings which were ready to eat at 4 hours, but the remainder was in a larger tub and that took a couple more hours before it was set to the right consistency for serving.

No Churn Amaretto, Caramel & Cherry Ice Cream

My ice cream turned out very well indeed. In fact it was fantastic. The flavour was perfect with the combination of almond and caramel working so well and then with the texture and flavour of the cherry as well.

This is an ice cream that will become a staple in my freezer from now on.

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No Churn Amaretto, Caramel & Cherry Ice Cream – Video

No Churn Amaretto, Caramel & Cherry Ice Cream

Recipe by geoffcoo


  • 600ml(2 1/2 cups) double cream, or heavy whipping cream

  • 1 397g(14 oz) can of caramel(or condensed milk, for ice cream without caramel flavour)

  • 80g(12) glace cherries/candied cherries, chopped into small pieces

  • 60ml(1/4 cup) amaretto (or 1 – 2 tsp almond extract to taste)


  • In a large bowl whisk the cream to achieve stiff peaks
  • In a separate bowl whisk the caramel a little to loosen it up.
  • Add the amaretto and whisk again.
  • Pour the mixture into the cream and add the cherry pieces.
  • Whisk everything thoroughly to combine and to get some air into the mixture.
  • Pour the mixture into a freezable container and freeze for at least four hours, until set to a scoopable consistency. If it sets too firm just leave on the counter for 10 minutes before scooping.

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