Homemade Raspberry Ruffles

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Raspberry Ruffles are a delicious chocolate treat from my childhood. Desiccated coconut, raspberry flavouring and dark chocolate combine to make Raspberry Ruffles.

It is quick to make a delicious homemade version. Jelly powder provides the raspberry flavour. Simply combine the desiccated coconut and jelly powder with condensed milk and sugar to create the flavoured filling. Then coat that filling with coat it with your preferred dark chocolate.

Raspberry Ruffles

Desiccated coconut is used for the paste, although it can be ground a little for a finer result. Although I used 2 packets of raspberry jelly powder the amount required is a matter of taste. Certainly just one packet would give a good result. Condensed milk binds the ingredients creating a paste. The paste is used to form into balls. Then chocolate coats the balls, creating the raspberry ruffles.

My Ruffles

My ruffles had the perfect texture. They tasted so good and were so easy to make. Although I made them for myself they are perfect as little Christmas gifts. Personally, I kept these to myself.

Homemade Raspberry Ruffles – Video

Another easy chocolate treat is Chocolate Caramel Bars.

Homemade Raspberry Ruffles

Recipe by geoffcooCourse: Desserts, Stove top recipesCuisine: SweetsDifficulty: Easy


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  • 2 sachets(23g) raspberry jelly powder

  • 200g(2 2/3 cups) desiccated coconut

  • 160g(1/2 cup) condensed milk

  • 60g(1/2 cup) icing sugar

  • 250g(9 oz) dark chocolate


  • Mix the jelly powder into the icing sugar.
  • Add that mixture into the coconut and stir to combine.
  • Pour in the condensed milk and mix everything into a thick paste, using your hands to pull it all together.
  • Create 24 balls of the paste, about 18g (2/3 of an ounce) each and place them on a tray.
  • Melt the chocolate on a bain-marie or in a microwave(stirring every 10 secs).
  • Dip each ball in the chocolate to coat it entirely.
  • Drain the excess chocolate and place the balls on some parchment paper until the chocolate coating has set.


  1. I want to make these but cannot find desiccated coconut and all the stores near me are out of shredded coconut. Can I use flaked coconut instead? Thank you.

    • HI Mancy.
      If you cannot find desiccated coconut in your stores you may well find it in an Asian store if you have one near you. If you wish to use flaked coconut it needs to be in small pieces, almost like rice. So maybe process it to reduce it in size.

    • Hi Judi. In the recipe I say 23g of jelly powder. But it is a matter of taste really. The powder is more for the raspberry flavour since a lesser amount of powder would still be enough to help the ruffles be formed.

  2. These look great and will be ideal for Christmas gifts as you suggested. I can’t wait to make them. A taste from the past !

  3. Thank you for this recipe, Geoff. My husband and I enjoyed these while we travelled abroad to the UK several years ago and I’m pleased to see a recipe for making a version of these beautiful raspberry Ruffles! I’m in Canada and used 1 full Jello brand package. I did use a packet of the full sugar version as I couldn’t locate sugar free in our small store. Your video was so very helpful with the success of these beautiful sweets. We do have access to sugar free Jello, but I did the best at the moment in my area and these little chocolate nuggets were very tasty!

    • Hi Diane. I am so pleased you enjoyed the raspberry ruffles. I actually made the recipe originally as I have a sister who lives in Canada who remembered them fondly from when we were younger. She has made them a few times since.

    • HI Jackie. I can’t answer precisely, except to say that mine kept well for at least two weeks, in an airtight container which I stored in the fridge.

  4. I too love raspberry ruffles. I was excited to find your recipe. I live in the US and was wondering where can I find the raspberry jelly powder? Thank you!

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