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Easy Chocolate Shortbread

Quick and easy this recipe for chocolate shortbread works very well indeed. I do love shortbread and enjoy most baked things that include chocolate.  So I decided to make some chocolate shortbread, just as an experiment, based on a shortbread recipe I used recently.  All I did was to substitute some of the flour and […]

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Clementine Shortbread for Christmas

 Christmas deserves something extra special.  So a shortbread biscuit flavoured with clementines, so readily associated with that time of year, are just perfect.  They taste great and have that special shortbread crunch. Although I made shortbread just a few weeks ago I decided that a slight variation, adding the zest from some clementines, would make […]

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 This is the best ever shortbread, crisp and crunchy but very tender too. I recently saw a very good recipe for shortbread, made using some semolina.  I found the recipe on where Delia mentioned that she was originally given the recipe by John Tovey. There are so many different recipes for shortbread, and I […]


Orange Posset & Orange Shortbread

Posset is a firm favourite of mine.  This traditional dessert is made with cream and sugar and is flavoured with fruit juice, but it has to be a juice containing citric acid that will thicken the cream when added to for a thickset dessert.   Posset is very rich and is therefore best served in small […]