Author: Geoff Cooper


Raspberry Mousse Domes

A delicious raspberry mousse sitting on a crispy biscuit base.  I wanted to make some lovely little raspberry mousse domes, with a biscuit base.  To start that process I created my Crisp & Crunchy Anytime Biscuits, and my previous blog entry shows the recipe for those.  The biscuits will form the base for my mousse […]


Easy Lemon Brownie Bars (or Squares)

Soft and dense, brownie-like textured cake with a lovely lemon icing. My great-nieces in Canada, Grace and Claire, created a Pinterest board called Geoff’s Baking Blog Ideas where they pin suggestions for things I might care to try.   On there I found a lovely looking recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe which I decided to try.  It […]

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How to make Puff Pastry – Inverse Method

 Perfect puff pastry, so much better than store bought. The quality of puff pastry which is available in stores is quite variable.  Some is made using just hydrogenated oils as the fat content which is required to make the layers.  Others do include some butter, in varying amounts, mixed with hydrogenated oil.  Others  are what […]

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Steak Slices (Puff Pastry)

Buttery puff pastry filled with steak and onions, perfect on-the-go snacking.  There is a shop in the UK called Greggs which sells something called a Steak Bake. That is a puff pastry case with steak and gravy inside.  I have eaten them a couple of time and found them to be very tasty.  Supermarkets sell […]


Apple Tarte Tatin – shortcake pastry

Grated shortcake pastry baked on top of apples for a variant on Tarte Tatin.  Simply delicious. When I first started baking one of the very first things I tried was a recipe from BBC Food  for Tarte Tatin.  I was attracted to it by the fact that it uses a lovely buttery pastry, grated over […]

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Tasty Cheese & Onion Pie

Shortcrust pastry stuffed full of cheese, onions and leeks. This pie deliver a great big flavour hit and just so satisfying to eat. I have been trying out a few new savoury recipes and one that I particularly wanted to try was a simple but very tasty Cheese & Onion Pie.  For that I wanted […]

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Easy Chocolate Shortbread

Quick and easy this recipe for chocolate shortbread works very well indeed. I do love shortbread and enjoy most baked things that include chocolate.  So I decided to make some chocolate shortbread, just as an experiment, based on a shortbread recipe I used recently.  All I did was to substitute some of the flour and […]


Mascarpone & Strawberry Tart

 Strawberries and mascarpone are a match made in heaven.   Put them with a tender, crunchy pastry and you have a surefire winner. I wanted to make a nice and easy tart that would easy to make and would be great as a dessert, particularly on a warm spring or summer day.  For that I decided […]