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Madeleines – Perfect French Treats

This recipe for Madeleines – Perfect French Treats delivers great little cakes. Madeleines are made with a génoise sponge. That is a lovely light sponge. The cakes have a distinctive shape. That comes from baking the cakes in a mould. The moulds have a shell shape which gives a lovely appearance to the madeleines, on […]

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Steamed Apple Sponge Pudding

Steamed Apple Sponge Pudding is such a great dessert. It is easy to make too. The recipe is from Olive Magazine. However I will detail, later, a couple of issues that I found, offering suggestions. Historically steamed puddings are popular in the UK. Particularly sponge puddings. This one has apple in two forms. There is […]

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Beef Wellington – Sumptuous Dining

Today’s recipe is for Beef Wellington – Sumptuous Dining. It is an expensive dish to make, so is not an everyday meal. But, my goodness, it is such a wonderful treat occasionally. Beef Wellington is similar, or the same as Boeuf en Croûte. There may be a few differences to the French dish, but basically […]

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Savoury Crêpes – Savoury Pancakes

Savoury Crêpes – Savoury Pancakes is a very easy recipe. It is all done on the stove top. The lovely thin crêpes or thicker pancakes are perfect for filling with so many things. For instance, ham and cheese, or quesidilla style with red peppers and cheese. Those are just a couple of suggestions. But these […]

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Mushroom Duxelles – Quick & Easy

Mushroom Duxelles – Quick & Easy is such a great recipe. Mushroom Duxelles is a French dish. Finely chopped mushroom with some shallots, or onions are the basis for the dish. It is often used to cover beef fillet in Beef Wellington. But duxelles is much more than that. It is great on toast or […]


Easy Earl Grey Tea Cake

This Easy Earl Grey Tea Cake has such a great flavour. I have based the recipe on one from King Arthur Baking. That is for London Fog Cake. But I don’t use that name since I vary the recipe to my liking. But the important thing in both cakes is that they are flavoured with […]

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Easy Kedgeree Recipe

This Easy Kedgeree Recipe is so good. Kedgeree is an Anglo-Indian dish with roots in British colonial history. Though it derives from a much earlier Indian dish. The signature of kedgeree is a harmonious blend of flavours and textures that captivates the palate. This exquisite dish features flaky smoked fish, traditionally haddock, combined with rice, […]

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Perfect Lemon Posset Tarts

Today’s recipe features Perfect Lemon Posset Tarts, which are remarkably easy to make. Posset, a rich and silky smooth dessert derives in the 19th century from an earlier drink. The posset with citrus and cream and is reminiscent of syllabub. I use the tart cases from a previous post, Pâte Sucrée – Sweet Tart Cases. […]

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Pâte Sucrée – Sweet Tart Cases

This wonderful recipe for Pâte Sucrée – Sweet Tart Cases using Pâte Sucrée is excellent. Using pâte sucrée makes a great tart case. This type of case is commonly used in patisseries, for tarts with a no-bake filling. Proper execution takes time due to the soft and moist nature of the pastry dough. But we […]