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Easy White Sandwich Loaf

This is a lovely recipe for an Easy White Sandwich Loaf. You can use a stand mixer, or you can do it by hand. Whichever way, it will work out just great. I used my Ankarsrum Assistent mixer which is just perfect for making dough. The recipe doesn’t take too long either. Of course, since […]

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Sultana & Lemon Fairy Cakes

These Sultana & Lemon Fairy Cakes are a perfect little treat. Fairy cakes are an old-fashioned cake from my childhood. Smaller than cupcakes or muffins they are great as part of afternoon tea. They are also perfect for a small sweet treat in school lunch boxes, or to take on a picnic. They are great […]

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Perfect Chocolate Brownies

These Perfect Chocolate Brownies are so easy to make. Rich in chocolate they are great as a snack, whenever the fancy takes you. The perfect brownie needs to be nice and moist or slightly gooey inside. These are just like that. They don’t take much effort to make either. Just a little time to bake […]

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Bacon & Cheese Scones

These Bacon & Cheese Scones are just so easy to make. That is the way with scones generally. What is different with these is that they are savoury. So, some bacon and cheese and also a little spring onion you can quickly have a lovely little treat. They are perfect for enjoying as a snack, […]

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Bull’s Eye Biscuits

Bull’s Eye Biscuits, or Ox Eye Biscuits, are an Italian biscuit known as biscotti occhio di bue. They are so good. They consist of two shortbread biscuits, one of which has a hole in the middle.The biscuits then form a sandwich, with a filling. The filling is generally jam, chocolate spread or a nut cream. […]

Stove top/Savoury

Chicken Tartiflette

Chicken Tartiflette is a variation on a famous French dish, Tartiflette. That dish is made with a particular cheese, reblochon. However any soft French cheese works as a great alternative. The basic Tartiflette doesn’t have chicken, just lots of potatoes, onions and cheese with some bacon. I saw a recipe for Chicken Tartiflette, by Mary […]

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Chewy Brownie Cookies

This recipe for Chewy Brownie Cookies was sent to me by Caz, one of my viewers. It is so very easy to make. Not only easy though, it doesn’t take much time either. Really you just combine the various ingredients into a thick batter. Then scoop the batter onto a baking tray and bake the […]

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Moist Lemon Sandwich Cake

Moist Lemon Sandwich Cake is exactly that. It has lemon zest and juice in the cake, giving lots of flavour. With two cakes they a lovely filling sandwiches them together. The filling lemon curd and some cream whipped together with cream cheese. Keeping things simple is what makes this such a good cake. Many times […]