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Whoopie Pies with Mascarpone

Whoopies Pies originated in the USA during the first quarter of the 20th century, according to what I have read.  I have made them a few time and decided to try them again, but this time varying the filling.  Most recipes I have seen use marshmallow fluff and a lot of icing sugar, as well […]


No Churn Ice Cream – Mint & Chocolate

 For something easy, on a hot summer day, I decided to make some no churn ice cream.  I saw the idea in an Ocado magazine and it used fresh mint leaves and some chocolate chopped into pieces.  I thought it sounded very good, so I decided I would try that flavour as my first attempt.  […]


Welsh Cheese Cakes

Having recently made London Cheesecakes which don’t contain any cheese I am following that up with another British bake, this one suggested by my sister Margaret, which is called Welsh Cheese Cakes.  These are also a bake where the name can be deceptive since there is no cheese in these either. They are actually very […]

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Lemon Posset Tart with Hazelnut Crust

When my online grocery shopping was delivered last week there was the Ocado magazine included in it.  That magazine had a number of recipes that are suitable for summertime.  One of them was Lemon Posset Tart, which used hazelnuts in the tart crust.   I have made lemon posset many times, it is a rich, silky […]

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London Cheesecakes

A childhood favourite, these tasty puff pastries, topped with jam and almond cake and then icing with coconut, bring back so many memories of days gone by. London Cheesecakes, which were known when I was a child just as Cheesecakes, are a lovely puff pastry topped with a little raspberry jam, then about a tablespoon […]

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Fig Newtons – Fig Rolls

 Tender pastry filled with a sweet fig filling make Fig Newtons irresistible. Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. Back in 2015, before I was doing videos of my baking, I made some Fig Newtons, or Fig Rolls as they are more commonly known in the UK.   They are a really lovely biscuit, or […]

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Mallorca Bread – Puerto Rican Buns

Soft and sweet these popular Puerto Rican buns are so tasty and perfect for snacking, or even filling. My sister Margaret, who lives in Canada, suggested that I try Mallorca Bread, buns that are very popular in Puerto Rico. I read up a little on the buns and found that they are very similar to […]


Coconut & Chocolate Muffins

Sometimes it is good to have a nice easy recipe to go to, for a quick sweet treat. Muffins usually serve that purpose very well indeed. This recipe of Coconut and Chocolate Muffins works very well mixing those two flavours, and textures very well indeed. As with all muffins these don’t take long to make […]


Bakewell Tart – A Perfect Dessert

A traditional British dessert, hailing from the town of Bakewell, but different to the Bakewell Pudding. When I first started my blog, back in 2014, one of my early posts was for Bakewell Tart. The tart is traditional in the UK and has a few variants. In the stores you can readily by individual ones […]