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Blueberry Sponge With Lemon Mascarpone

There is something very satisfying about a big slice of cake. If some fruit is added in and then some creamy smooth filling too it is even more delicious. So this easy sponge cake, in two layers, with some blueberries in the batter and a quick blueberry jam in between the layers, as well as […]


Gingerbread Muffins

I love muffins, whether they are the flatbread type cooked on a griddle such as English Muffins, or the quick bread type which is what these Gingerbread Muffins are. Ginger Cake is commonly made in the autumn or winter, since they are spiced with the lovely spices often associated with that time of year. However […]

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Walnut Baskets – Walnut Tarts

These little walnut baskets are based on a favourite Hungarian treat. My sister Margaret, who lives in Canada, was checking on Pinterest and came across a Hungarian treat called Diós kosárka. That translates, according to Google as Walnut Baskets. Basically these little baskets are made with a wonderfully crumbly shortcrust pastry case which is then […]

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Malted Milk & Chocolate Chip Cookies

This lovely recipe, for Malted Milk & Chocolate Chip Cookies is so easy to make, and results in a wonderfully flavoured and soft-textured cookie. The idea came to me as I was experimenting with trying to recreate Malted Milk Biscuits, which are readily available in supermarkets. I also had some malted milk powder which needed […]

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Maids Of Honour Tarts

This traditional bake, beloved of Henry VIII, harks back to the 1500s. Originally made with cheese curds mine is an updated version. Way back in the 16th century a small curd cake in a pastry tart case was created for Henry Viii. By all accounts he loved it. The baked item became Maids Of Honour […]