Biscuits, Cookies

Recipes for some lovely biscuits and cookies, which are usually very quick and easy to make.

Biscuits, Cookies

Flaked Almond Biscotti

These Flaked Almond Biscotti are so easy to make. Biscotti are biscuits that are baked twice. The name comes from Italian. Indeed, they are an Italian biscuit. The first bake is in the form of a log. That log is then cut into slices, and they go back into the oven to bake again. That […]

Biscuits, Cookies

Flapjacks Mini Bites

This recipe is for Flapjacks Mini Bites. I have based it on some delicious mini bites that I bought in Marks & Spencer. Their ‘all butter’ mini bites are fantastic. I thought it would be good to try to reproduce them at home. Luckily, the ingredients listed on the container gave percentages for oats, butter, […]

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Palmiers – French Cookies

Palmiers – French Cookies is a simple recipe. Palmiers have other names too, such as ‘pigs’ ears’ or ‘elephant ears’ due to the shape. They are an all-time favourite of mine. Since I first ate one in Prague airport I always look out for them. A crisp, flaky and sweet pastry. What could be nicer? […]

Biscuits, Cookies

Brownie Cookies – Quick & Easy

This Quick & Easy recipe for Brownie Cookies is based on one seen by Anna Olson. The recipe is straightforward and results in a delightful cookie. The centre boasts the soft texture of a brownie, while the exterior mirrors the slightly crisp texture found on the top of a brownie. I’ve made slight adaptations, including […]

Biscuits, Cookies, Christmas

Spiced Biscuits – For Christmas

Spiced Biscuits for Christmas are perfect for snacking. They are ideal not only during the festive season but also at any time of the year. These biscuits, or cookies, boast a lovely soft texture with a nice chew. Abundant warming spices provide a great flavour, enhanced by citrus zests. A covering of lemon icing or […]

Biscuits, Cookies, Desserts

Pecan Bars Or Squares

The recipe for Pecan Bars or Squares is straightforward. Pecans, well known for their delectable taste, are especially delightful when toasted to bring out their flavor. Pair them with a shortbread base and a caramel-type sauce, and you’ll create a perfect bar or square. The recipe consists of two parts, as it involves two rounds […]

Biscuits, Cookies

Soul Cakes – Soulmass Cakes – Biscuits

This recipe for Soul Cakes – Soulmass Cakes – Biscuits is incredibly easy to prepare. Soul Cakes, or Soulmass Cakes, are more akin to biscuits or cookies than cakes. They represent a traditional biscuit with roots dating back to Medieval times. According to historical accounts, they remained popular in the UK until the 1930s. In […]