Biscuits & Cookies

Recipes for some lovely biscuits and cookies, which are usually very quick and easy to make.

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Walnut Baskets – Walnut Tarts

These little walnut baskets are based on a favourite Hungarian treat. My sister Margaret, who lives in Canada, was checking on Pinterest and came across a Hungarian treat called Diós kosárka. That translates, according to Google as Walnut Baskets. Basically these little baskets are made with a wonderfully crumbly shortcrust pastry case which is then […]

Biscuits & Cookies

Malted Milk & Chocolate Chip Cookies

This lovely recipe, for Malted Milk & Chocolate Chip Cookies is so easy to make, and results in a wonderfully flavoured and soft-textured cookie. The idea came to me as I was experimenting with trying to recreate Malted Milk Biscuits, which are readily available in supermarkets. I also had some malted milk powder which needed […]

Biscuits & Cookies

Ginger Creams – Sandwich Biscuits

 These Ginger Creams are a very simple recipe and they don’t take very long to make.  They are just biscuits, sandwiched together in pairs with some creamy filling. The biscuits are flavoured with ground ginger and the amount can be varied depending on personal preference.  For mine I used 2 tsps of the spice to […]

Biscuits & Cookies

Fig Newtons – Fig Rolls

 Tender pastry filled with a sweet fig filling make Fig Newtons irresistible. Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. Back in 2015, before I was doing videos of my baking, I made some Fig Newtons, or Fig Rolls as they are more commonly known in the UK.   They are a really lovely biscuit, or […]

Biscuits & Cookies

Easy Chocolate Shortbread

Quick and easy this recipe for chocolate shortbread works very well indeed. I do love shortbread and enjoy most baked things that include chocolate.  So I decided to make some chocolate shortbread, just as an experiment, based on a shortbread recipe I used recently.  All I did was to substitute some of the flour and […]