Biscuits, Cookies

Recipes for some lovely biscuits and cookies, which are usually very quick and easy to make.

Biscuits, Cookies

Oat & Raisin Cookies

The soft texture of cookies is a nice departure, sometimes, from the more traditional British biscuit.  So I decided to try some cookies, with oats and raisins.  The idea was to come up with something that had a little bit of crunch on the outside, but was still soft and moist in the centre.   […]

Biscuits, Cookies

Almond Biscotti

I love almonds, and after the success of my Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti, I decided to make some Almond Biscotti.  These twice baked biscuits are really lovely with a cup of tea(or coffee for those who prefer that).  They are also very simple to make and take no time at all. How hard you have them, […]

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Fig Newtons

I remember from years back a nice biscuit(cookie) which we called Fig Rolls.  It seems that they are now known as Fig Newtons.  I have found a number of recipes for these, all of them different in some ways.  Some are very basic, just with figs and sugar in the pastry, where others are more […]

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On my way home from Prague I was at Ruzyne airport when I saw some Palmiers for sale. They were very large and looked scrumptious.  So I bought one and just loved it. Crispy, crunchy and nice and sweet too. So I decided I would try to make some.  They are also known as Elephants’s […]

Biscuits, Cookies

Lime & Chocolate Shortbread Biscuits

For a nice simple biscuit recipe there is nothing better than shortbread.  Today I decided to try some lime and chocolate ones. The recipe below produces a lovely, crumbly shortbread, with a nice lime flavour infused throughout.  Then it is just a matter of adding some chocolate.  I decided to put my chocolate on the […]

Biscuits, Cookies

Chocolate & Hazelnut Biscotti

A new departure for me today, biscotti.  I have never eaten one, let alone tried to make any.  Biscotti means twice-baked, so it is a biscuit that is baked twice to make it hard and dry and very suitable for dipping into coffee or a hot chocolate sauce.  Of course there is nothing to stop […]

Biscuits, Cookies

Ginger and Honey Crisp Biscuits

I found a recipe, on Waitrose website, for Ginger and Honey Biscuits, with Chocolate & Honey Dip. Now I only wanted the biscuits, not the dip.  However, I have reproduced the full recipe below, for those who may wish to have the dip to savour with the biscuits.  I followed the recipe precisely and found […]

Biscuits, Cookies

Sablé Breton

Sablé Breton, a lovely, crisp and very light biscuit, or cookie, is just the ticket for today. Perfect with a cup of tea, or coffee, they are just so easy to eat. The method also has a huge benefit for the baker, since they are cut out part way through baking, so there are lots […]