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Enriched Bread – Tangzhong Method

Enriched Bread – Tangzhong Method is such a great recipe.  It takes a long time to make, but most of that is waiting time.  However there is a lot of kneading too.  That means that a stand mixer is the best option for making the bread. The dough, as you might guess from the title […]

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Tangzhong Hot Cross Buns

This recipe for Tangzhong Hot Cross Buns is very good indeed. Tangzhong is a Chinese method for improving dough. It has the affect of softening the baked items and it delays the staling of the items too. The method is similar to the Japanese Yudane method, but you cook the Tangzhong to a certain temperature. […]


Italian Style Baguettes

Today’s recipe is for Italian Style Baguettes. Baguettes are actually a French bread. But this version uses an Italian bread recipe, so the texture is different from the true French version. However, the shape is, roughly, the same. The taste and texture are great too. This particular recipe is easier than the French version as […]


English Bloomer Bread

English Bloomer Bread is a lovely freeform loaf. The shape of the loaf is oval. It can be a long oval or a short one. Obviously, a shorter oval will make a taller loaf. But both ways make a good size for sandwiches. The bread is made with a basic dough and just a little […]

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Finnish Cinnamon Buns – Korvapuusti

The recipe for Finnish Cinnamon Buns, or Korvapuusti, is a great one. These cinnamon buns are highly popular in Finland. They share the common Scandinavian twist of including cardamom. I will mention that some people omit the cardamon. However for me the inclusion is essential. Cinnamon buns are enjoyed worldwide. But the uniqueness of Korvapuusti […]

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Perfect Panettone For Christmas

This wonderful recipe presents a Perfect Panettone for Christmas. Panettone a beloved Italian bread, utilises a nicely enriched dough. The classic version incorporates raisins (or sultanas) and citrus peels. Though nowadays, nuts or chocolate, etc., are often added. This recipe adheres to the classic flavours. For me they evoke the feeling of Christma. Panettone isoften […]

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Deep Pan Pizza – Detroit Style

This Deep Pan Pizza – Detroit Style is so easy to make. Detroit Pizza, or Detroit Style Pizza, traditionally uses Wisconsin Brick Cheese or Mozzarella, but my version deviates slightly, employing a combination of Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese. This pizza boasts a thick, soft, and chewy crust with a crisp edge. In this style of […]

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Sticky Cinnamon & Nut Buns

I have wanted to try Sticky Cinnamon & Nut Buns for quite some time. Sticky Buns, as they are often known, are very popular in North America, but they are not commonly seen in the UK. However, I find the idea of a soft, enriched dough filled with cinnamon and a sticky, nutty glaze very […]