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Easy Cheese & Herb Focaccia

Focaccia, that lovely olive oil enriched bread is always so tasty.  Covered with a mix of herbs and and parmesan with cheese in the dough too this one is extra special.  Such a great loaf for dipping and as an accompaniment to dinner. I do love focaccia and usually make a large one, with rosemary, […]


English Muffin Toasting Bread

English Muffins are great for breakfast, so imagine a loaf of bread for toasting, made to have the same texture and flavour.  This is such a great toasting loaf I sometimes wish breakfast would never end.  Having recently made some English Muffins, which were very good indeed, I had an idea for a bread that […]

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Chelsea Buns

Chelsea Buns, a sweet yeasted dough stuffed full of dried fruits and then drizzled with icing too.  That all makes for a delicious bun, sweet and sticky and so very tasty.  I made Chelsea Buns about 6 years ago, when I was just starting out on my blog.  Today I decided to make them again, […]

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Norwegian Christmas Bread

 It was suggested to me that Norwegian Christmas Bread, known as Jukekake or Julekage would be a great addition to my Christmas baking.  So I checked out a few recipes and read up a little on the bread. It is very similar to some other Christmas breads, such as Panettone from Italy, and several other […]


English Muffins

The perfect start to a breakfast English Muffins are the best.  When I first started baking about 6 years ago one of the first yeast-based items I baked was English Muffins.  But that was before the advent of my Youtube channel.  Looking back at that recipe I see that it used a lot of yeast […]


Soft Raspberry Jam Buns

 Soft buns with a sweet raspberry jam filling.  Great as a quick breakfast. The idea of a soft enriched dough bun is very appealing.  Filled with a little raspberry jam, or indeed any jam, the thought of them is even more enticing.  I do love enriched dough, as the small amount of sugar together with […]


Soft No Knead Sandwich Bread

Easy to make this soft sandwich bread takes no kneading and is perfect for sandwiches.  Having recently made a lovely no knead bread in a Dutch oven I wanted to make another version that could be baked in a loaf tin.  Additionally I wanted to make it a sandwich loaf, that was soft textured.  I […]


Easy No Knead Bread

So simple to make and very rewarding to eat.  There are so many recipes on the internet for no knead bread, and many of them are very easy indeed.  The recipe I am using today is the simplest I have yet tried, and it results in a very tasty loaf of bread. It takes a […]


Tomato Mozzarella Pull Apart Bread

It is great to share and this bread is perfect for that, pull it apart with friends and family.  They will all love it. I recently saw a few recipes for a pull apart, or tear’n’share bread that was stuffed with some passata and mozzarella, which I thought looked very good. So I decided to […]