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Honey Ginger Cake – with Stem Ginger

This is a lovely recipe for a Honey Ginger Cake – with Stem Ginger. So it has lots of honey in the cake batter. The ginger flavour is from two sources, ground ginger and grated stem ginger. The combination of honey and ginger works so well together. The recipe is one I found on Baking […]

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Lemon Victoria Sponge

This Lemon Victoria Sponge is soft and light, with a wonderful flavour. With zest in the cake and lemon curd and double cream between two layers it is perfect. As with all Victoria Sponge(Victoria Sandwich) cakes it is very easy to make. Traditionally a Victoria sponge has a layer of raspberry jam between the two […]


Earl Grey Tea Loaf Cake

This Earl Grey Tea Loaf Cake is from a recipe by Mary Berry. I saw it on a TV show when she was at Goodwood House. The recipe is also available on BBC Food. There appears to be a discrepancy, though, between the video I saw and the written recipe. I will explain about that […]


Madeleines – Perfect French Treats

This recipe for Madeleines – Perfect French Treats delivers great little cakes. Madeleines are made with a génoise sponge. That is a lovely light sponge. The cakes have a distinctive shape. That comes from baking the cakes in a mould. The moulds have a shell shape which gives a lovely appearance to the madeleines, on […]


Easy Earl Grey Tea Cake

This Easy Earl Grey Tea Cake has such a great flavour. I have based the recipe on one from King Arthur Baking. That is for London Fog Cake. But I don’t use that name since I vary the recipe to my liking. But the important thing in both cakes is that they are flavoured with […]

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Pasticciotti – Italian Custard Pies

Pasticciotti – Italian Custard Pies are simply delicious. Pasticciotti (singular pasticciotto) can be filled with Italian custard cream or ricotta. For this recipe, I use a lovely lemon and vanilla custard. Traditionally originating from the Puglia region of Italy, the pastry for pasticciotti is traditionally made with lard, although butter is commonly used nowadays. For […]

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Mini Mincemeat Christmas Cakes

Making these Mini Mincemeat Christmas Cakes is very easy. They are a variation on the Last Minute Mincemeat Christmas Cake. These are great little cakes, imparting great flavour and texture immediately. With just a week or less to go before Christmas they are perfect to make now. Creating these mini cakes is an excellent idea […]

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Mincemeat Crumb Cake – Sbriciolata

Today’s recipe presents Mincemeat Crumb Cake – Sbriciolata. Sbriciolata is an Italian crumb cake. But this recipe is my British variation using mincemeat. Mincemeat is a Christmas favourite in the UK. Traditionally mincemeat would contain meat. However during the 19th century mincemeat switches to be meatless. So these days it is a mixture of dried […]

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Mini Festive Fruit Cakes

I found this recipe for Mini Festive Fruit Cakes on the Marks & Spencer website. In the UK, we do love a rich fruit cake at Christmas, especially one with marzipan and icing. However, a large cake can often be too much for small households. These mini cakes provide a great alternative that can be […]


Chocolate Banana Loaf Cake

Today’s recipe is Chocolate Banana Loaf Cake. This loaf cake uses mashed bananas as the primary wet ingredient, providing a delightful flavour to a wonderfully moist cake. The combination of chocolate and banana is highly successful, making this loaf cake exceptionally delicious. The inclusion of chocolate chips further enhances the experience. As with most loaf […]