Cake recipes, large and small.

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Sticky Malt Loaf

I had a baking blitz a few weeks back, baking 4 different loaves in a single day.  The first of which is a Sticky Malt Loaf.  For those who know, and love the Soreen malt loaf this is not like that.  But it is certainly most delicious, and its stickiness increases day by day. I […]


Yummy Scrummy Carrot Cake

This is another recipe where I didn’t think to photograph the result, but I can assure you the recipe is spot on and the resultant cake was simply perfect.  I heartily recommend making this, it is easy to make and even easier to eat. The recipe is from the BBC Good Food website and was […]


Medovnik – Honey Cake

Medovnik is the Czech word for a wonderful honey cake.  It is time consuming to make, and quite complicated to assemble.  But it is well worth it, as it tastes wonderful.  I have eaten it many times in Prague, you can buy a slice in any Cukrana, or indeed whole cakes. As with all my […]


Sacher Torte

Next up on the baking front is Sacher Torte.  This is a ‘cake’ which originated in Vienna and I first tasted it in the Savoy Restaurant in Prague.  As an aside, if you are ever in Prague a visit to Savoy Restaurant is very worthwhile.  The food is very good and the restaurant has a […]


Gingerbread cake – with orange icing

I love gingerbread and searched for a recipe that I thought might be easy, but still taste good.  I found a great recipe, which I reproduce below, from BBC Food.  A link to the recipe on that site is here . As an aside I do recommend BBC Food and also BBC Good Food as a source of many […]