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Mini Mincemeat Christmas Cakes

Making these Mini Mincemeat Christmas Cakes is very easy. They are a variation on the Last Minute Mincemeat Christmas Cake. These are great little cakes, imparting great flavour and texture immediately. With just a week or less to go before Christmas they are perfect to make now. Creating these mini cakes is an excellent idea […]

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Mincemeat Crumb Cake – Sbriciolata

Today’s recipe presents Mincemeat Crumb Cake – Sbriciolata. Sbriciolata is an Italian crumb cake. But this recipe is my British variation using mincemeat. Mincemeat is a Christmas favourite in the UK. Traditionally mincemeat would contain meat. However during the 19th century mincemeat switches to be meatless. So these days it is a mixture of dried […]

Cakes, Christmas

Mini Festive Fruit Cakes

I found this recipe for Mini Festive Fruit Cakes on the Marks & Spencer website. In the UK, we do love a rich fruit cake at Christmas, especially one with marzipan and icing. However, a large cake can often be too much for small households. These mini cakes provide a great alternative that can be […]

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Perfect Panettone For Christmas

This wonderful recipe presents a Perfect Panettone for Christmas. Panettone a beloved Italian bread, utilises a nicely enriched dough. The classic version incorporates raisins (or sultanas) and citrus peels. Though nowadays, nuts or chocolate, etc., are often added. This recipe adheres to the classic flavours. For me they evoke the feeling of Christma. Panettone isoften […]

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Spiced Biscuits – For Christmas

Spiced Biscuits for Christmas are perfect for snacking. They are ideal not only during the festive season but also at any time of the year. These biscuits, or cookies, boast a lovely soft texture with a nice chew. Abundant warming spices provide a great flavour, enhanced by citrus zests. A covering of lemon icing or […]