Recipes that are usually associated with Christmas

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Walnut Baskets – Walnut Tarts

These little walnut baskets are based on a favourite Hungarian treat. My sister Margaret, who lives in Canada, was checking on Pinterest and came across a Hungarian treat called Diós kosárka. That translates, according to Google as Walnut Baskets. Basically these little baskets are made with a wonderfully crumbly shortcrust pastry case which is then […]

Biscuits, Cookies, Christmas

Clementine Shortbread for Christmas

 Christmas deserves something extra special.  So a shortbread biscuit flavoured with clementines, so readily associated with that time of year, are just perfect.  They taste great and have that special shortbread crunch. Although I made shortbread just a few weeks ago I decided that a slight variation, adding the zest from some clementines, would make […]


Pandorini – Mini Italian Christmas Bread

Pandorini, the perfect individual little Christmas Bread. I have always been fascinated with yeasted Christmas bakes that are so popular in many countries.  One such is Pandoro from Italy.  Made in a special star shaped mould it is a tall bread with small slopes around the top, somewhat resembling a mountain perhaps.  It is sprinkled […]

Biscuits, Cookies, Christmas

Lady’s Kisses – Baci Di Dama

Bite-sized little treasures that are a taste sensation in the mouth. I thought a lovely treat for Christmas would be a popular Italian cookie/biscuit known as Baci di dama, which translates as Lady’s Kisses.  These are tiny little biscuit sandwiched together with some chocolate.  The weight of each biscuit, before baking, is 5 grams so […]

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Boozy Christmas Cake

 Rich and fruity with lots of booze. Perfect for Christmas, or at anytime at all. I saw a lovely recipe on Delia Smith’s wesbite for a Creole Christmas Cake. It was a rich, fruity cake, with lots of different alcohols in it.  I couldn’t fathom why it was ‘Creole’, but I was certainly intrigued by how […]

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Norwegian Christmas Bread

 It was suggested to me that Norwegian Christmas Bread, known as Jukekake or Julekage would be a great addition to my Christmas baking.  So I checked out a few recipes and read up a little on the bread. It is very similar to some other Christmas breads, such as Panettone from Italy, and several other […]