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Moist Lemon Sandwich Cake

Moist Lemon Sandwich Cake is exactly that. It has lemon zest and juice in the cake, giving lots of flavour. With two cakes they a lovely filling sandwiches them together. The filling lemon curd and some cream whipped together with cream cheese. Keeping things simple is what makes this such a good cake. Many times […]

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Chocolate Chip Strawberry Shortcake

Chocolate Chip Strawberry Shortcake is such an easy recipe. Not only is it easy but it is delicious too. Shortcake is similar to the British style of scone and it is perfect to fill with fruits and cream as a dessert. For these particular shortcakes I use some chocolate chips to add a little extra […]

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Delicious Boston Cream Pie

This delicious Boston Cream Pie is simply perfect. It is a cake, rather than a pie and got its name from the days when cakes and pies might be made in the same pans. It has two layers of hot milk cake with a layer of a thick and rich custard. The top is a […]

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Lime Pie With Italian Meringue

This Lime Pie With Italian Meringue is just perfect. It has a wonderful biscuit pie crust, made with digestives. The a rich lime custard which is sweetly tart fills the pie crust. Once set the pie has a silky smooth and fluffy Italian Meringue on the top. Altogether it makes a perfect dessert. Although I […]

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Easy Chocolate Cake & Frosting

Easy Chocolate Cake & Frosting has both dark chocolate and cocoa in the rich cake, With a silky smooth milk chocolate in the frosting itt makes a delicious treat. As the title infers this is a very easy cake to make. It does take time, but much of that is waiting for the cake to […]

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Honey Ginger Cake – with Stem Ginger

This is a lovely recipe for a Honey Ginger Cake – with Stem Ginger. So it has lots of honey in the cake batter. The ginger flavour is from two sources, ground ginger and grated stem ginger. The combination of honey and ginger works so well together. The recipe is one I found on Baking […]