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In this How To category you can find some demonstrations on how to make things like puff pastry, which aren’t baked but for part of another recipe.

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How To Make Inverse Puff Pastry

Today’s post is “How To Make Inverse Puff Pastry.” This marks a slight departure from my usual posts, as there is no cooking or baking involved; it is simply the preparation of a version of puff pastry. This pastry can then be used later, however you wish. Although shop-bought puff pastry can be of high […]

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How to make Puff Pastry – Inverse Method

 Perfect puff pastry, so much better than store bought. The quality of puff pastry which is available in stores is quite variable.  Some is made using just hydrogenated oils as the fat content which is required to make the layers.  Others do include some butter, in varying amounts, mixed with hydrogenated oil.  Others  are what […]

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Homemade Mincemeat

In preparation for making mince pies, just before Christmas, I have made my own mincemeat.  I actually posted this recipe on my blog two years ago, but today I have done it again, this time with a video.   Some may wonder why I have posted this on a baking blog.  But of course, it […]