Recipes for pastries, such as Danish

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London Cheesecakes

A childhood favourite, these tasty puff pastries, topped with jam and almond cake and then icing with coconut, bring back so many memories of days gone by. London Cheesecakes, which were known when I was a child just as Cheesecakes, are a lovely puff pastry topped with a little raspberry jam, then about a tablespoon […]


Cheese Straws – Puff Pastry

Light and crisp and oh so cheesy.  These are the best. Cheese Straws are so very tasty as a snack, or maybe crumbled onto a bowl of soup, or eaten with dinner.  They can be made very simply indeed by using shop bought puff pastry.  I would always recommend buying ‘all butter’ puff pastry.  That […]

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Rice Pudding Tarts

 Small pastry cases filled with a creamy rice pudding.  What could be nicer as a little snack for afternoon tea.  These are the perfect size to keep one going until dinner. I saw a lovely recipe in The Guardian the other day, by Rachel Roddy, it was for Rice Pudding Tarts.  They looked so good, […]

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Almond Croissants

I do love croissants, so it was inevitable that at some time I would make Almond Croissants. And so it came to pass!  These rich, buttery, croissants are filled with a tube of almond paste to add some delicious extra flavour and some new texture too. The recipe, made entirely from scratch, is time consuming […]