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Butter Tarts

Yesterday I made Passion Fruit Curd and Lemon Curd Tarts, but I had a disaster with the video.  So although I posted the recipe on this blog I couldn’t post the video on Youtube.  So I decided to make something else today, just to get something on Youtube.  I decided upon a suggestion from my […]

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Eccles Cakes

Eccles Cakes are named after a town in Lancashire, England.  They are made with a flaky pastry, though some people use puff pastry, and have a spicy currant and chopped peel filling.  I really like Eccles Cakes, and especially the lovely flaky pastry.  I make mine with all butter, using a recipe from BBC Good […]

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Danish Pastries

I have been wanting to make some Danish Pastries for quite a while, but I have put it off as the process is quite time consuming.  However today I finally bit the bullet and made some. The lovely puff pastry that is so redolent of Danish pastries, in various shapes and filled with any number […]



I have wanted to make croissants for some time, as I love them with that lovely fluffy texture and the rich buttery taste.  I looked at a number of recipes and watched quite a few videos before deciding how to proceed.  I used a recipe from Paul Hollywood who is a judge on Great British Bake […]

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Apple Turnovers

For apple turnovers I made an inverted puff pastry. The amount in the recipe will actually make twice as much dough as needed for 8 turnovers, so I will freeze half of the dough to use in another recipe in a couple of weeks. To make inverted puff pastry you need to make a thick […]

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Arlettes are a puff pastry biscuit(cookie) that I had never heard of.  But it was featured as a technical challenge on Great British Bake Off a few weeks ago.  The recipe then appeared on BBC Food and it seemed an ideal challenge for me to try. This recipe calls for reverse(or inverse) puff pastry.  Usually with […]

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On my way home from Prague I was at Ruzyne airport when I saw some Palmiers for sale. They were very large and looked scrumptious.  So I bought one and just loved it. Crispy, crunchy and nice and sweet too. So I decided I would try to make some.  They are also known as Elephants’s […]


Crumbly Jam Tarts

I wanted to make some Jam Tarts, always a favourite, particularly with children.  But I was so enamoured of the pastry I made for my Cherry Bakewells, since it was crumbly and almost melt in the mouth, that I decided to use that recipe, rather than a more traditional one. Often the pastry in Jam […]