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Pies, Tarts

Individual Pork Pies

There is nothing quite like a pork pie, eaten cold, with some Branston pickle or caramelised red onions, together with some salad or chips.  I checked out a few recipes and decided that I needed to amalgamate a few to get what I wanted. I used a straight sided muffin tin to make my version, […]

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Mince Pies

Today I made my mince pies. You may recall that I made the mincemeat a couple of weeks ago, and stored it in sterilised jars.  The mincemeat will keep for at least 6 months in an airtight jar, and I have more than I needed for today’s recipe, so I can repeat it in the […]

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Mini Shortbread Treacle Tarts

Well what a lovely recipe I have today, very simple and really quite delicious. The story around the recipe is that I was searching for a recipe for mince pies, that I will be making in the next few days.  I saw one that claimed it was very easy.  However from reading the recipe I […]

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Nectarine and Pistachio Tart

I found a very nice recipe in The Telegraph, for a Peach and Pistachio Tart.  However my local supermarket has been out of peaches for at least a week, so I resorted to using nectarines instead, as well as making a couple of other minor changes to the recipe.   I will produce, below, the […]

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Bacon and Onion Roly Poly

I love suet based puddings and savouries.  This particular one is a roly poly, rather than a pudding.  Usually, or at least more often, suet items are steamed or cooked in a muslin cloth and boiled.  However for this particular item I really didn’t want it to be too stodgy, so I decided to bake […]

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Mississippi Mud Pie

I have researched, on the internet, a number of different recipes for Mississippi Mud Pie and found it difficult to decide which was the really authentic one.  However it seems that there are two main variants. One has a biscuit base and then filling and topping. The other variant seems to have no biscuit base, […]

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Coconut and Lemon Bakewell Tart

I found a recipe for something calling itself Coconut and Lemon Bakewell Tart. The recipe I found was on John Whaite’s website .  Now this is not what anyone would consider to be a Bakewell Tart, but it does have some similarities, in that it has a pastry base, a type of frangipane filling and a […]

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Easy Chocolate Tart

I have previously made a Tarte au Chocolat, which turned out very well.  Today I decided upon a slightly easier Chocolate Tart.   The reason for the tart was more to use up some pastry I had left over from making yesterday’s bake.  I could easily have frozen it and used it another time.  In […]