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Maids Of Honour Tarts

This traditional bake, beloved of Henry VIII, harks back to the 1500s. Originally made with cheese curds mine is an updated version. Way back in the 16th century a small curd cake in a pastry tart case was created for Henry Viii. By all accounts he loved it. The baked item became Maids Of Honour […]

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Lemon Posset Tart with Hazelnut Crust

When my online grocery shopping was delivered last week there was the Ocado magazine included in it.  That magazine had a number of recipes that are suitable for summertime.  One of them was Lemon Posset Tart, which used hazelnuts in the tart crust.   I have made lemon posset many times, it is a rich, silky […]

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Steak Slices (Puff Pastry)

Buttery puff pastry filled with steak and onions, perfect on-the-go snacking.  There is a shop in the UK called Greggs which sells something called a Steak Bake. That is a puff pastry case with steak and gravy inside.  I have eaten them a couple of time and found them to be very tasty.  Supermarkets sell […]

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Tasty Cheese & Onion Pie

Shortcrust pastry stuffed full of cheese, onions and leeks. This pie deliver a great big flavour hit and just so satisfying to eat. I have been trying out a few new savoury recipes and one that I particularly wanted to try was a simple but very tasty Cheese & Onion Pie.  For that I wanted […]

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Linzertorte – An Austrian Confection

A perfect rich shortcrust pastry, filled with ground hazelnuts and raspberry jam.  What could be better than Linzertorte for dessert? Linzertorte is a traditional Austrian confection.  A lovely short pastry base, which uses ground hazelnuts and ground almonds, covered with a good layer of redcurrant or raspberry jam and topped with a lattice of more […]

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Rice Pudding Tarts

 Small pastry cases filled with a creamy rice pudding.  What could be nicer as a little snack for afternoon tea.  These are the perfect size to keep one going until dinner. I saw a lovely recipe in The Guardian the other day, by Rachel Roddy, it was for Rice Pudding Tarts.  They looked so good, […]

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Bacon & Onion Roly Poly

Childhood memories come flooding back with Bacon and Onion Roly Poly.  A suet pudding filled with bacon and onion and served with cabbage and potatoes was always a firm favourite.  This is another simple and delicious recipe  I do love Roly Poly suet dishes, whether savoury or sweet, and either baked or steamed.  My preference, […]

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Teviotdale Pie

A Scottish Favourite, Teviotdale Pie is a really hearty meal that satisfies the soul. A Youtube subscriber suggested that I might like to make Teviotdale Pie.  This is a pie that I had never heard of before.  But I searched and read about it and thought it sounded very good indeed.  Originating from the Borders […]