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Mallorca Bread – Puerto Rican Buns

Soft and sweet these popular Puerto Rican buns are so tasty and perfect for snacking, or even filling. My sister Margaret, who lives in Canada, suggested that I try Mallorca Bread, buns that are very popular in Puerto Rico. I read up a little on the buns and found that they are very similar to […]

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Easy Banana Streusel Muffins

Banana Streusel Muffins, so moist and full of flavour, but with a deliciously crunchy streusel topping. I just love muffins and particularly those with some banana in. So I was quite excited to make these with the lovely crunchy topping. Adding just a little ground ginger gives a subtle but delightful hint of spice too. […]


Raspberry Crumble Cookies

 Once you’ve tried these Raspberry Crumble Cookies you will never look back. I recently was directed to LovelyLittleKitchen where there is a recipe for ‘Costco Raspberry Crumble Cookies’.  Apparently those cookies, from Costco are simply wonderful.  I took a look at those cookies and they were very large indeed, but they did look good.  The recipe […]

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Ground Walnut Pie

Giving a name to a pie or tart can be tricky. But my rule of thumb is that if there is a pastry base and top it is pie.  So today I made a Ground Walnut Pie.  This, though, was made in a tart tin which makes it a little more confusing.  Mine is very […]


Hazelnut Almond Biscuits w Chocolate

This recipe is for a biscuit, or cookie, that has the wonderful flavour of hazelnuts and almonds and then some chocolate too.  Then some, or all if desired, are dipped in more chocolate that has been melted. For mine I dipped some but didn’t cover the entire surface as I wanted to ensure that the […]

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Mince Pie Rondos

I have made mince pies many times, and have a video on Youtube for making them: Mince Pie Video.  I also have a quick version: Quick & Easy Mince Pies Video, as well as a video for making the mincemeat : Homemade Mincemeat Video.  But this year I have also decided to do something a little different.  Since I […]


Bakewell Tart

Bakewell Tart is one of my all time favourites.  The almond paste filling and the layer of jam between it and the short pastry are just a wonderful combination.  It is not the sort of dessert that one should mess with, the traditional version being just about perfect.So I made a very standard version, which […]