Stove top recipes

Recipes such as jams, pancakes, possets, where they are cooked on the stove top

Stove top recipes

Staffordshire Oatcakes

 In the UK we have the tradition of Pancake Day.  That is a particular day, Shrove Tuesday, when we traditionally eat a thin crepe-like pancake which is most usually served with some sugar and lemon juice.  They can be rolled up or folded into triangles for eating, and they are delicious.  As we approach Shrove […]

Stove top recipes

Seville Orange Marmalade

Seville oranges are the best for marmalade, so get them quickly as they aren’t available for long.  But they make such a great tasting marmalade it is something that is difficult to beat to go with toast for breakfast.  I do love marmalade, particularly on toast but also in baking and other things as well.  […]

Stove top recipes

Lemon Curd

Since I had rather a lot of eggs that needed to be used and also some lemons which would soon be past their best I decided it was time to make some Lemon Curd.   Lemon curd is such a delicious spread, I love to eat it on toast, or in a scone as well as […]

Christmas, Stove top recipes

Mincemeat, for Mince Pies

In preparation for making mince pies, just before Christmas, I have made my own mincemeat.   Some may wonder why I have posted this on a baking blog.  But of course, it is a precursor to another post, on 18th or 19 December, when I will make the mince pies.  They are definitely baked items. […]

Stove top recipes

Cauiflower Soup

After the rather lovely fruit cake I am taking a break from baking, until tomorrow.  Instead I have decided to make one of my favourite soups.  This is entirely my recipe, no cribbing from anyone else.  Therefore, as you might imagine, it is a very simple recipe but tastes delicious. You do need a food […]

Stove top recipes

Roasted Orange Pepper Soup

Taking a break from baking recipes I want to share a rather nice, and very simple to make soup. Orange Peppers have a nice sweet taste to them.  So that is what I used for this soup, though red, or yellow would probably be just as good.  I think green peppers might be a little […]