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Filled Cakes – Chocolate Hazelnut Or Raspberry

For today’s recipe, I present Chocolate Hazelnut or Raspberry Filled Cakes. These are petite cakes filled with either chocolate hazelnut spread or raspberry jam. Any type of chocolate hazelnut spread will work well, though Nutella is a very popular brand. They are straightforward to prepare. Simply mix the cake batter and spoon it into paper […]

Cakes, Muffins

Salted Caramel Cupcakes

I came across an excellent recipe for Salted Caramel Cupcakes on an Ankarsrum YouTube channel. Although I’m not the biggest fan of cupcakes, I decided to give this particular recipe a try. The recipe itself is fairly straightforward. The cakes are delightful and airy, with a vanilla flavour. With some caramel on top of the […]


Italian Apple Crumb Cake

Today’s recipe is an Italian Apple Crumb Cake. It may also go by the name of a crumble cake, known as Sbriciolata alle Mele, in Italian. I found my inspiration from watching several videos featuring this delightful dessert. It’s not exactly a cake, as it boasts a crumble pastry base. This pastry is firmly pressed […]

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Sticky Cinnamon & Nut Buns

I have wanted to try Sticky Cinnamon & Nut Buns for quite some time. Sticky Buns, as they are often known, are very popular in North America, but they are not commonly seen in the UK. However, I find the idea of a soft, enriched dough filled with cinnamon and a sticky, nutty glaze very […]