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Garlic & Thyme Bread

I have an Aerogarden hyrdoponic garden and am growing salad leaves and some herbs in it.  One of the herbs is Thyme which is flourishing so I needed to find a recipe to use some of the leaves.  I came across this recipe for Garlic and Thyme Bread on Goodfood and it is very simple to […]


Traditional Bread Pudding.

Bread Pudding!  That is something that brings back memories of childhood.  Being a heavy, stodgy and sweet pudding, made, usually, from stale bread.  It is simply lovely.  I decided to make it, from as traditional a recipe as I could find.  I had to search around, since many recipes, particularly those from USA, which called […]


Mini Monkey Bread

Having never heard of Monkey Bread I was intrigued, when I found a photo of some on a site called Zergnet. It is not a site I had heard of either, and can’t even remember how I found it.  But the site is well worth a look, for those who have an interest in food, […]