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Enriched Bread – Tangzhong Method

Enriched Bread – Tangzhong Method is such a great recipe.  It takes a long time to make, but most of that is waiting time.  However there is a lot of kneading too.  That means that a stand mixer is the best option for making the bread. The dough, as you might guess from the title […]


Brioche Buns with Chocolate and Hazelnuts

I have made Brioche quite a few times.  It is a lovely soft, enriched, bread that is simply delicious.  I have made loaves, Brioche a tete and just simple buns.  But for this recipe I decided to make buns and coat them with some milk chocolate that had some roasted chopped hazelnuts stirred into it. […]


Chocolate & Creme Patissiere Brioche Swirls

I recently made some brioche buns which were a great success, so trying to build on that today I made some Chocolate & Creme Patissiere Brioche Swirls.   These will take the same brioche recipe but then instead of creating the Brioche a Tete the dough will be rolled out and covered in creme patissiere and […]


Mini Brioche a Tete

Brioche is a lovely enriched bread, using eggs, milk and lots of butter.  Often made as large loaves they can also be made in mini versions.  I have done this before my the blog, using a muffin tin.  Today I am making them once more, but this time using mini brioche moulds.  The recipe will […]


Chocolate Hazelnut Brioche Flower

I saw a recipe for a Brioche Flower that was quite impressive, so I took a look around and found several recipes and videos, all on a similar theme.  The all use Nutella, which is something I had never even tasted.  But I was intrigued, so I bought a jar and had a little taste […]

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Tarte Au Sucre

It seems that Tarte Au Sucre, or Sugar Pie is different between France and Belgium and North Ameria. In France and Belgium, from the recipes I have read they tend to be a brioche type bread recipe, whereas in North America it appears that a shortcrust pastry is preferred.  For my attempt I found a […]


Brioche à Tête

A while back I made some Brioche, from a Paul Hollywood recipe, it turned out very well indeed, as you can see here. Today I decided that I would use the same recipe to try to make some Brioche à Tête, which are rolls, with a little ‘head’ on them.   I did check out some […]