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White Chocolate Brownies

White Chocolate Brownies are a very nice variant on the more common, and very popular, brownie recipe. This particular recipe is to replace a bake I did that wasn’t as successful as I wanted it.  What a very nice replacement too, since it has a lovely texture and flavour and is very simple to make. […]

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Brownie Pie

I got this idea for a Brownie Pie from a website that sells cake pans.  Basically the pie is a brownie base that is covered with some chocolate custard(or pudding in the USA).  I tried the recipe on that site and the resultant ‘pudding’ was distastrous, to say the least.  So for my Brownie Pie […]


Brownie Butter Cake

I saw a few recipes for a Brownie Butter Cake and spotted a few pics on Pinterest as well.  It looked like quite a nice idea, so I thought I would make one to see how it turned out. Most of the recipes I saw were basically the same, a layer of chocolate brownie on […]


Chocolate Chip Two Bite Brownies

I had a request to make some two bite brownies, which are ideal to snack on, particularly for children who often don’t need a full sized brownie.  So to make small brownies I used a mini muffin tin and filled each hole to just below the top of the tin.  To try to retain a […]


Chickpea Chocolate & Coconut Brownies

Watching some videos recently I was quite surprised at some of the things you can do with chickpeas.  One suggestion was to make brownies, using chickpeas instead of flour.  This sounded very interesting and I did some further investigations and watched some videos and they all seemed very good. For my version I am using […]


Chocolate Mint Brownies

Today I made some wonderful brownies, with a mint filling and topped with more chocolate.  These are a very rich and moist brownie with the lovely hit of mint. The recipe does take a time to make, as you must wait between each step for the brownie to cool, the fillling and then the topping […]


Chocolate & Ginger Brownies

What can be nicer than a moist and chocolatey brownie?  Well I think taking that and adding some ginger might just be. Having decided that I wanted to try it I came up with the recipe, culled from various brownie recipes, and with some ginger and nutmeg added. Keeping things nice and simple it is […]