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Butter Speculaas Biscuits/Cookies

Speculaas are a Dutch spiced biscuit, or cookie, that are usually made just before Christmas.  They are a crunchy biscuit that formed in moulds and turned out onto a baking sheet to be baked.  I have made them before, but I didn’t have the moulds.  So I recently acquired some of the moulds, from Holland, […]

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Cut Out Sugar Cookies

I do enjoy biscuits of almost any type.  Buttery ones are high on the list of favourites, so shortbread, butter cookies and sugar cookies are all near the top. This recipe is for sugar cookies, but with a dough that is firm enough to roll and cut out, keeping their shape.  They can be flavoured, […]

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Owl Butter Cookies

I found a lovely recipe on etsy blog bt Heather Baird.  She used this a little gifts for people to take away after Thanksgiving dinner.  They looked so cute and I thought they would be something that children would enjoy helping to make.  I decided that I would give them a try too. They are a […]