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All-in-one Victoria Sandwich Sponge Cake

I recently had a request from someone to do a video making sponge cake.  So I have decided that over the next few weeks I shall do three different types of sponge cake.  First up is a Victoria Sandwich, but this one is using the all-in-one method from Mary Berry’s recipe. This is where all […]

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Spiced Cupcakes For Christmas

Having made my speculaas last week I was so enamoured of the flavour of the spices that I wanted to make something else with them too.  I decided to make some cupcakes and was all set to go when I discovered a recipe on Bakingmad for ginger and cinnamon cupcakes.  Although I wanted to use the […]

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Peach Purée Cupcakes

Who doesn’t enjoy a cupcake from time to time?  Certainly I do!.  So today I decided to make some.  I had bought some White Peach purée, which was supposedly to be used for making cocktails but which I thought would be ideal for baking too.   So I looked around for a recipe that might […]


Lime & Pistachios Cupcakes

After a lovely trip to Prague I am back in baking mode.  Today I made some lovely cupcakes, from a recipe I found on Tea At Midnight, from a link on Google+.  It was Lime and Pistachio Cupcakes which I thought would very probably be delicious.   The recipe at the link above is for […]


Victoria Sandwich

A Victoria Sandwich is a sponge cake, in two layers, filled with a cream or butter cream and with jam. I used a recipe from Funky Foods, courtesy of an article by Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall.  In this recipe he says to weigh the eggs and use that weight as the basis to determine how much […]