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Raspberry Muffins

I had some frozen raspberries in the freezer so I decided that today I would use them to make some muffins.  I found a very nice recipe on aburstfullofbeautiful which seemed to be exactly what I wanted. Muffins, as you know, are very easy to make and require very little mixing.  In fact you should only […]


Raspberry Scones

While I was visiting family in Canada I made some raspberry scones for my niece as they are a particular favourite of hers.  These scones are not quite how we know scones in the UK, but the texture is very similar, just the shape is rather different. That said the batter for these is rather […]


Perfect Blueberry Muffins

I did a lot of research about blueberry muffins as I wanted to make sure I have a lovely light and tasty version.  Many of the recipes that I saw had a heavy texture and didn’t rise very much, though that was inetntional.  Some rose well and were nice and light, so that is what […]


Whole Grain Cranberry Breaksfast Muffins

I read a wonderful recipe in the New York Times, for some blueberry muffins made with whole grains.  I wanted to try this out, but I prefer cranberries in muffins, so I adapted the recipe to suit that taste. I reduced the volumes of the various ingredients as well, since I didn’t need so many […]


Apricot & Walnut Muffins

I just love apricots, and thought they would be very good in a nice, plain muffin.  But I wanted a little bit of crunch too, so I thought to make some Apricot Muffins with Walnuts. As with all muffins recipes this one is very simple, one bowl with dry ingredients, once with wet ingredients, mix […]


Cranberry & Orange Sweet Soda Bread

Catching up on The Great Briitish Bake Off, having recorded the show while I was on holiday, I saw this bread being baked by one of the contestants.  It looked quite delicious, so I thought I would try to make it.  The recipe is on BBC Food. The instructions were easy to follow and since […]