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Spice Medallion Cake w/Caramel Sauce

Having bought a new cake pan I wanted to try out the recipe on the packaging.  That was for a spiced cake, using cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and all spice. Then, to serve as a dessert, a caramel sauce.  Although I made the cakes in my new pan I also made one in a mini brioche […]

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Brownie Pie

I got this idea for a Brownie Pie from a website that sells cake pans.  Basically the pie is a brownie base that is covered with some chocolate custard(or pudding in the USA).  I tried the recipe on that site and the resultant ‘pudding’ was distastrous, to say the least.  So for my Brownie Pie […]

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Spiced Cupcakes For Christmas

Having made my speculaas last week I was so enamoured of the flavour of the spices that I wanted to make something else with them too.  I decided to make some cupcakes and was all set to go when I discovered a recipe on Bakingmad for ginger and cinnamon cupcakes.  Although I wanted to use the […]