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Polish Rye Bread

I have been wanting to make some bread with rye flour, and in time I will make one with just rye as the flour.  But rye flour doesn’t contain much gluten so it makes a very dense bread, such as Pumpernickel.  That is a lovely bread, but not what I needed at the moment.  So […]

Biscuits, Cookies

Tosset Cakes/Biscuits

As I was looking around the internet for some old fashioned bicsuit/cookie recipes I came across Tosset Cakes, which are a traditional biscuit made in Lancashire.  They are very similar to Goosnargh biscuits, also from Lancashire.  But the ratio of butter to flour in Tosset cakes is higher than in Goosnargh, so the resulting biscuits […]


Seed Cake – With Caraway Seeds

The Observer/Guardian have been doing a series of 20 Best Cakes, one of which was a seed cake, made with caraway seeds.  It looked very tasty in the article I read and I decided that I would try it out. You can see the original article here:  The recipe suggested a particular size of loaf […]