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Spiced Cupcakes For Christmas

Having made my speculaas last week I was so enamoured of the flavour of the spices that I wanted to make something else with them too.  I decided to make some cupcakes and was all set to go when I discovered a recipe on Bakingmad for ginger and cinnamon cupcakes.  Although I wanted to use the […]

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Spiced Cookies – Speculaas

Getting ready for Christmas and the holiday season I thought I would try out another cookie, from the low countries, Belgium and The Netherlands(and elsewhere too I suspect).  Speculaas are a crunchy cookie that are usually made with the dough being pressed into moulds to create a shape.  They are eaten on St Nicholas Eve […]

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Pfeffernüsse – German Iced Spice Cookies

My sister in Canada mentioned that she had bought some Pfeffernüsse, which are a German cookie that is iced(some recipes just roll the cookies in icing sugar).  They are also very popular, with different names in Denmark and The Netherlands.    I thought they looked very good and with all the spices they are quite unlike […]

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St Lucia Buns – Lussekatter

I came across a bun that I had never heard of, from Scandinavia, St. Lucia Buns, or Lussekatter.  Usually eaten on 13th December each year, in honour of St Lucia they have saffron in them and sometimes cardamom as well.  Most recipes had a reversed ‘s’ shaped bun, though some had a normal ‘s’ shape. […]

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Blueberry Oatmeal Cookie Pie

I found a delicious sounding recipe on The English Kitchen for Blueberry Oatmeal Cookie Pie.  I had intended to make some Blueberry Oatmeal Cookies, but when I saw this recipe, and the photos that accompanied it, I just had to try it out. Now there are lots of ingredients in this one, but luckily I […]

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Chocolate Oat Cakes

Christmas is over and I am back to trying to find some nice items to bake.  I decided on oat cakes.  Now they are usually a biscuit(UK biscuit not US biscuit), and quite plain.  But I stumbled across a recipe for a chocolate version, which is more of a small cake than a traditional biscuit. […]


Scandinavian Cinnamon Buns

There is nothing quite like the smell of cinnamon as it is being baked.  The aroma really whets the appetite. So I hunted around for some nice bunsrecipes and found one for a Scandinavian type bun in The Guardian .  The article actually goes into detail about several different recipes they tried, and then provides, what […]