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Shepherd’s Pie

As promised, today I have a recipe for Shepherd’s Pie.  This is as a result of a request I had on my Youtube channel to make it.  As there is some confusion between Shepherd’s Pie and Cottage Pie I decided to make both.  So my last post was for the Cottage Pie and now I […]

Pies, Tarts

Cottage Pie

I recently had a request on my Youtube channel to make Shepherd’s Pie. Often these days, if you check recipes for this ,you will find minced beef used instead of the more traditional minced lamb.  But minced beef in those circumstances is actually Cottage Pie.  So, although it is not really baking in the true […]

Pies, Tarts

Individual Beef And Mushroom Pies

I decided I wanted to make something savoury, but with baking involved.  So for this I chose to make some individual beef and mushroom pies.  For this sort of pie you can use whatever ingredients you wish but I opted for beef, mushrooms, carrots and onions, with a nice rich gravy. Some people like a […]