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Rich Chocolate Cake

I do love chocolate cake and I have made several different versions of the last few years. This particular cake though is, perhaps, my favourite. It has such a rich and satisfying flavour that a very first mouthful will have you coming back for more. That rich flavour comes from the cocoa in the cake […]


Easy Devil’s Food Cake

I do love a rich chocolate cake, with a lovely ganache.  So I decided to make a Devil’s Food Cake, but including a layer of raspberry jam too since I think that goes so well with chocolate cake. Wanting to keep things simple I did the bare minimum of work but to get the best […]


White Chocolate Brownies

White Chocolate Brownies are a very nice variant on the more common, and very popular, brownie recipe. This particular recipe is to replace a bake I did that wasn’t as successful as I wanted it.  What a very nice replacement too, since it has a lovely texture and flavour and is very simple to make. […]