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Boston Cream Cupcakes

Having enjoyed Boston Cream Doughnuts when I have been in Canada and the USA I wanted to make something with that taste.  Not wanting to do doughnuts I thought firstly of Boston Cream Pie, but then decided on some nice simple cupcakes instead. I haven’t actually had much time over the past few weeks, for […]


Chocolate Mint Brownies

Today I made some wonderful brownies, with a mint filling and topped with more chocolate.  These are a very rich and moist brownie with the lovely hit of mint. The recipe does take a time to make, as you must wait between each step for the brownie to cool, the fillling and then the topping […]


Chocolate Avocado Mousse

I saw a recipe for something I had never considers, a chocolate avocado mousse.  So that set me off checking on the internet for further recipes for such mousse.  There were a number of recipes that I checked, and all were very similar.  I came up with mine based on most of those. It is […]

Cakes, Muffins

Chocolate & Raspberry Friands

Having recently discovered friands and made some with lemons and blueberries, which were very well received, I decided to try a variation on the recipe to include chocolate.  Thus I came u p with Chocolate and Raspberry Friands. Heavy on almonds, these lovely cakes taste great, with the chocolate flavour and the hit of sharpness […]


Decadent Chocolate Cake

A nice rich chocolate cake is sometimes a treat that is well worth the effort.  For mine I made two reasonably thin chocolate cakes and layered them with some cherry jam and a lovely, rich, chocolate cream.  Then I finished it all off with a silky chocolate ganache. So this is definitely a cake for […]


Dark Chocolate & Stem Ginger Muffins –

I was exploring the possibilities of making some dark chocolate muffins with ginger, since the two go so well together, when I came across a very nice recipe on Zeb Bakes website.  Since I had two jars of stem ginger in the cupboard I thought I might as well try that recipe. Making muffins is […]


Mini Cheesecakes

Today I am presenting some mini cheesecakes, made with a slightly chocolate flavoured base and with a chocolate decoration. I cannot profess to be a lover of cheesecake at all, but I thought I would make my own and see if I enjoyed them more than those I have eaten in restaurants.  My first thought […]