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Chocolate Lime Macaroons

Yesterday I started the Christmas cake making process.  But it will be another two weeks before it is ready. The cake is made and has been fed with brandy.  Now it is resting in and airtight container.  I will post about the cake when it has been finished with marzipan and icing.  In the meantime […]

Desserts, Pastries


I decided to try to make some eclairs.  I must say it was not without problems.  Researching the various recipes it was very difficult to decide which one would produce the ideal results.   There seem to be two schools of thought.  One says cook the pastry oh a high heat for a while and […]


Chocolate Fruit Cake

This recipe, for a Chocolate Fruit Cake, is from Nigella’s website.  According to Nigella’s description it is squidgy, which please me, since I was rather worried that my attempt at it was not going to turn out quite right. The most complicated thing about the recipe is following the instructions to double line the cake […]

Cakes, Pies, Tarts

Mississippi Mud Pie

I have researched, on the internet, a number of different recipes for Mississippi Mud Pie and found it difficult to decide which was the really authentic one.  However it seems that there are two main variants. One has a biscuit base and then filling and topping. The other variant seems to have no biscuit base, […]


Chocolate Brownies

A nice, simple, recipe today, Chocolate Brownies.  These are very easy to make and have a lovely, rich, chocolate flavour, with a crunch top and a moist insides.   The problem with these is that you rather want to eat one each time you have a cup of tea.  If you drink as much tea […]