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Lady’s Kisses – Baci Di Dama

Bite-sized little treasures that are a taste sensation in the mouth. I thought a lovely treat for Christmas would be a popular Italian cookie/biscuit known as Baci di dama, which translates as Lady’s Kisses.  These are tiny little biscuit sandwiched together with some chocolate.  The weight of each biscuit, before baking, is 5 grams so […]

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Perkins – Scottish Biscuits

An old-fashioned Scottish biscuit that is full of flavour with a lovely texture too.  I recently came across what seemed to be a lovely recipe for a spiced biscuit(cookie).  It was on the National Trust For Scotland website .  The biscuits are called Perkins, and the the recipe is very simple.  I believe the biscuits have […]

Biscuits, Cookies, Christmas

Spiced Cookies – Speculaas

Getting ready for Christmas and the holiday season I thought I would try out another cookie, from the low countries, Belgium and The Netherlands(and elsewhere too I suspect).  Speculaas are a crunchy cookie that are usually made with the dough being pressed into moulds to create a shape.  They are eaten on St Nicholas Eve […]