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Apple Roll Cookies/Apple Newtons

A while back I made a particular favourite of mine, Fig Rolls, also known as Fig Newtons.  Today I decided to make an apple version of those cookies. The important thing in this particular recipe was to ensure that the apples didn’t release too much juice into the cookie dough during baking.  So I stewed […]


Rich Dark Ginger Loaf Cake

Christmas is over but the time is still right for a lovely spicy cake.  Ginger cake, in the form of a loaf cake, rich and moist is ideal for this time of year.  For mine I based it on a recipe from Delia Smith, but I have seen basically the same recipe elsewhere too. The […]

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Spiced Cupcakes For Christmas

Having made my speculaas last week I was so enamoured of the flavour of the spices that I wanted to make something else with them too.  I decided to make some cupcakes and was all set to go when I discovered a recipe on Bakingmad for ginger and cinnamon cupcakes.  Although I wanted to use the […]

Biscuits, Cookies, Christmas

Spiced Cookies – Speculaas

Getting ready for Christmas and the holiday season I thought I would try out another cookie, from the low countries, Belgium and The Netherlands(and elsewhere too I suspect).  Speculaas are a crunchy cookie that are usually made with the dough being pressed into moulds to create a shape.  They are eaten on St Nicholas Eve […]

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Amish Friendship Bread

It was suggested to me that I might like to try to make Amish Friendship Bread.  I hadn’t heard of it so I did a little reading.  It seems that the particular recipe, or variations of it, are not really what Amish people really eat.  Rather, it is the process of making a starter dough […]