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Nice Biscuits – Cookies

Nice Biscuits are a very popular biscuit or cookie in the UK.  The name is pronounce ‘niece’ the same as the French City.  There is a theory that the biscuits got the name from that city when Queen Victoria ate some when she visited there.  But who knows?  Certainly not me.  Anyway these are a […]

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Custard Powder Cookies

My recipe today is for the most simple of cookies, Custard Powder Cookies.  These take very little time to make and bake and they taste so delicious. Custard powder is readily available in all UK supermarkets, and is probably stocked in most home food cupboards. In other countries it is likely to be available in […]

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Nutella Thumbprint Cookies

I saw a nice recipe for these Nutella Thumbprint Cookies on Giallozafferano and adapted it slightly, and also converted the ingredients to US measurements too for those who use cups instead of metric measures. It is a simple recipe for a cookie that is then filled with some more Nutella, or anything you wish in the […]

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Italian Style ‘S’ Cookies

In my various searches on the internet I come across a number of baked items of which I haven’t heard.  One such is ‘S’ cookies, which seem to be very popular in Italy.  It would appear that they are often flavoured with lemon zest and sometimes with anise.  I decided to give them a try, […]

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Anzac Biscuits

I had a suggestion to make some Anzac Biscuits. I have a recipe already on my blog for these, but without a video.  So I decided to make them again, this time including a video, and slightly changing the recipe but still keeping within the spirit of those biscuits. ANZAC is an acronym for Ausralian […]

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Lemon Italian Knot Cookies

I was intrigued when I saw some photos of Italian Knot Cookies recently and thought that they looked very good and would probably taste great, with a lemon flavour.  So today I am making some. Although the recipe is quite simple the dough is very sticky to work with, so when rolling dough into lengths […]

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Spiced Cookies – Speculaas

Getting ready for Christmas and the holiday season I thought I would try out another cookie, from the low countries, Belgium and The Netherlands(and elsewhere too I suspect).  Speculaas are a crunchy cookie that are usually made with the dough being pressed into moulds to create a shape.  They are eaten on St Nicholas Eve […]

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Crispy Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Today I made some wonderfully crispy biscuits and sandwiched them together with a chocolate ganache.  I got the idea when I saw some pictures of a French biscut Prince Chocolate.  They are a two thin biscuits/cookies that are sandwiched with chocolate, with a pattern imprinted on them..  The biscuit has to be hard and crispy […]

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Lemon Shortcake Biscuts(Cookies)

Shortcake, as opposed to shortbread, biscuits are popular in the UK.  The usually come in an oblong form, flat in the middle with a pattern around the edges.  I have looked for a recipe to make those but have never found one.  Most of the time when I search for ‘shortcake’ I am presented with […]