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Spiced Cupcakes For Christmas

Having made my speculaas last week I was so enamoured of the flavour of the spices that I wanted to make something else with them too.  I decided to make some cupcakes and was all set to go when I discovered a recipe on Bakingmad for ginger and cinnamon cupcakes.  Although I wanted to use the […]


Light Almond Cupcakes

Today’s recipe is for a cupcake.  This one has a lovely almond flavour and is very light.  I decided not to put buttercream or frosting on the top, as people can decide for themselves if they want that.  For me the light little cake is good enough as on its’ own. To make them lighter […]

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Peach Purée Cupcakes

Who doesn’t enjoy a cupcake from time to time?  Certainly I do!.  So today I decided to make some.  I had bought some White Peach purée, which was supposedly to be used for making cocktails but which I thought would be ideal for baking too.   So I looked around for a recipe that might […]


Passion Fruit Curd Cupcakes

I only recently tasted Passion Fruit and really enjoyed it.  So I bought some and made some curd and then used that in some tarts.  However I had a problem with the video, so I couldn’t put it on youtube, but it is in this blog. Passion Fruits tend to be very expensive, but I […]


Boston Cream Cupcakes

Having enjoyed Boston Cream Doughnuts when I have been in Canada and the USA I wanted to make something with that taste.  Not wanting to do doughnuts I thought firstly of Boston Cream Pie, but then decided on some nice simple cupcakes instead. I haven’t actually had much time over the past few weeks, for […]

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Coconut Cupcakes

I love coconut and cupcakes are a favourite too, so the two together seemed like a natural combination.  I had some coconut milk left over from a previous recipe, that I needed to use.  So that formed the basis for the recipe. A nice light sponge is what sets a cupcake apart, so I needed […]


Golden Syrup Cupcakes

I do love golden syrup and those nice people at Lyle who make the most popular brand in the UK, have some very nice recipes on their website.  I opted to try the cupcake recipe, since it is very straightforward and promised to be simply delicious.You can see the original recipe here.  Or you can […]


Lime & Pistachios Cupcakes

After a lovely trip to Prague I am back in baking mode.  Today I made some lovely cupcakes, from a recipe I found on Tea At Midnight, from a link on Google+.  It was Lime and Pistachio Cupcakes which I thought would very probably be delicious.   The recipe at the link above is for […]


Strawberry Cupcakes

I decided to try some cupcakes, using strawberries as a flavouring.  Fresh strawberries, pureed for the cake mix and for the frosting too, and then some slices of strawberry on top sounded like a good idea. It was a bit of a guess just how much puree to use in each, but with the frosting […]