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Chocolate Stuffed Dates

Dates are a delicious fruit which is often eaten at Christmas time in the UK.  So I decided that I would take that humble date and make a very special treat, by stuffing and coating in chocolate. Of course there are a whole host of different things that could be used to stuff the dates, […]

Biscuits, Cookies

Biscotti – Hazelnut & Date

I do like biscotti and am always up for trying something new, in terms of flavour combinations.  So hazelnut and date seemed like it was worth trying.  I saw it on Paul Hollywood’s site.  Biscotti are quite easy to make and don’t take long. But they are very rewarding, since they not only taste great […]


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding is a firm favourite of most people I think.  Certainly I love it and I had a, sort of, request to make it, in advance of my trip to Canada to visit family.  So I checked a good few recipes online to see the variations that people use, to try to find […]