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Easy Cheese & Herb Focaccia

Focaccia, that lovely olive oil enriched bread is always so tasty.  Covered with a mix of herbs and and parmesan with cheese in the dough too this one is extra special.  Such a great loaf for dipping and as an accompaniment to dinner. I do love focaccia and usually make a large one, with rosemary, […]


Italian Herb & Garlic Bread

I decided to follow a recipe adapted by one of my sisters, Margaret, for some bread with Italian herbs and garlic.  Margaret is the sister I visit when I go to Canada each year,  though sadly not this year and we all know why.  She has a very good book of bread machine recipes and […]


Soda Bread

I have never made, or even tasted, Soda Bread, so I decided it was time to do both.  Soda Bread is very easy to make and it doesn’t use yeast.  Nor does it have to be kneaded.  That is what makes it so simple to make.  The leavening agent for the bread is bicarbonate or […]