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Date & Almond Cookies – Biscuits

These Date & Almond Cookies – Biscuits are just so easy to make. My sister in Canada suggested the recipe which she found on Pinterest from The Gardening Foodie. With only a few ingredients you can have a deliciously butter cookie with dates and almonds. Ingredients The ingredient list is actually quite short. Plain Flour […]

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Yoghurt Cookies

The recipe I made today is a very simple one, with only a few ingredients. Yoghurt Cookies, with just a hint of lemon and vanilla.  I decided to keep things simple as the current Coronavirus crisis may be making it difficult to obtain ingredients. As well as being a simple recipe it is also quite […]

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Easy Lemon Cookies/Biscuits

A very simple recipe but resulting in a lovely cookie, or biscuit, with a subtle lemon flavour is the recipe today. I do love biscuits that are crunchy but not hard and that is what these are.  With a lovely light lemon flavour too they are ideal to eat as a snack with a cup […]


Hazelnut Almond Biscuits w Chocolate

This recipe is for a biscuit, or cookie, that has the wonderful flavour of hazelnuts and almonds and then some chocolate too.  Then some, or all if desired, are dipped in more chocolate that has been melted. For mine I dipped some but didn’t cover the entire surface as I wanted to ensure that the […]

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Lemon Amaretti Biscuits/Cookies

After a feast of rich foods for Christmas it is time for something a little lighter, I am sure.  To that end I decided to make some amaretti biscuits, which I have done before, but this time I wanted to flavour them with lemon.   Amaretti are a delicious biscuit, nice and chewy and simply made […]

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Nutella Thumbprint Cookies

I saw a nice recipe for these Nutella Thumbprint Cookies on Giallozafferano and adapted it slightly, and also converted the ingredients to US measurements too for those who use cups instead of metric measures. It is a simple recipe for a cookie that is then filled with some more Nutella, or anything you wish in the […]