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Lemon Posset & Raspberry Compote Jelly

Lemon Posset & Raspberry Compote Jelly is such an easy recipe. It has, as you might guess, two components. The first is a thick, smoot and creamy lemon posset. The second is a lovely fruity raspberry compote which is turned into a jelly. Together they make a perfect dessert that is great for a warm […]

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Perfect Lemon Posset Tarts

Today’s recipe features Perfect Lemon Posset Tarts, which are remarkably easy to make. Posset, a rich and silky smooth dessert derives in the 19th century from an earlier drink. The posset with citrus and cream and is reminiscent of syllabub. I use the tart cases from a previous post, Pâte Sucrée – Sweet Tart Cases. […]