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Lemon Drizzle Friands

Those of you who regularly read my blog will know that I like almonds and just love friands.  So it is no surprise that I am making more friands, the delicious almond based cakes that are so popular in Australia and New Zealand.  I think they are becoming more popular in the UK too and […]

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Almond & Coconut Cake

I am an avid viewer of very many Youtube channels, amongst them is Home Cooking Adventure and I saw a recipe on there for this recipe.  An Almond cake with a wonderful coconut and mascarpone cheese with double cream, white chocolate and coconut.  I then did a search for similar recipes and found quite a […]

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Chocolate Marshmallow Teacakes.

Chocolate Marshmallow Teacakes are a firm favourite in the UK.  They are readily available in all supermarkets.  Basically a chocolate marshmallow teacake  is a shortbread type biscuit with a dome of a marshmallow type meringue and then covered in chocolate, either dark or milk.  The usual size is big enough for two or three bites. […]

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Mandarin Friands

Having enjoyed Friands when I have made them previously I thought I would attempt a variation today and see how they turned out.  For the variation I thought of Mandarin oranges, or Satsumas as they may be known in some places.  I love mandarins, the sweet, and sometimes slightly tart, very juicy citrus fruit.  They […]

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Lemon & Blueberry Friands

Friands are a lovely light cake, originally of French origin I believe, which is now very popular in Australia and New Zealand.  Usually they are made in a special pan, with oval cups that have straight sides, but they can equally well be made in a muffin pan. Similar to financiers which I often make, […]


Chocolate Financiers

Some while back I made some Chocolate Financiers, which were really lovely.  Then I made them again when I was in Canada.  My Great-nieces Grace and Claire, two really sweet girls, really loved them.  So, since I hadn’t done a video I thought I would make them again, so that I could show them how […]