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Vanilla Mantecadas

Yesterday I discovered Mantecadas, having never heard of them before.  I saw some photos on Pinterest and that piqued my interest.  So I started to look for some recipes and read up a little on the origin.  Mantencadas seem to come in various forms and are from Spain.  The ones I saw were a Mexican […]


Strawberry & Cream Muffins

I have found a wonderful recipe for my first bake in a new flat.  This recipe is Strawberry & Cream Muffins, which saw on BBC Good Food. I was immediately taken with the concept and it doesn’t use any oil or butter, simply double cream and eggs, with a hint of vanilla as the liquids. […]


Apple and Almond Cake

I found a very nice recipe on Nigella.com  for an Apple and Almond cake.  The recipe doesn’t use flour, butter or oil, except for greasing.  It just uses apples, sugar, eggs and almonds, with a little lemon juice.  What could be simpler. I adjusted the recipe a little, by beating the egg whites separately, until they […]